Booking Procedure

To book a room at the community centre, please first check the availability in the calendars below. If it appears that the centre is free at the time you want to use it, please get in touch using one of the methods listed. Email contact is the easiest for us so please use this method if you have the choice. Bookings are dealt with on a first come first served basis. If you call and have to leave an answerphone message, please leave your name, a contact telephone number, the date and time you are interested in and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. We will deal with emails and calls in the order received.
The community centre is very busy so booking well in advance is advisable if you can.


We have published online calendars for the hall, club room and committee room. Click on the links below to check availability before getting in touch. If you want to hire the entire building, please ensure that there are no bookings in any of the rooms at that time. Please note we keep half-hour gaps between bookings so please take this into account when looking at the calendars.

Children’s Birthday Parties

We keep Sunday afternoons’ free of regular bookings in order to allow ad-hoc booking of events, the most common being children’s birthday parties.

Conditions of Hire

The full conditions of hire can be found here. The main points are:
  • Please leave the venue in the condition you would expect to find it. You are responsible for your tidying up.
  • The entire building is No Smoking.
  • No naked flames with the exception of a small numbers of candles of the type typically used on a birthday cake.
  • Payment is in advance.
  • A deposit of £150 may be required, see below.


On a small number of occasions, the community centre has been left in such a poor state after events that the use of the centre the following day has been affected and extra cleaning costs have been incurred. In order to try and prevent this from happening and mitigating when it does, the committee has decided to start taking a refundable deposit under certain conditions. They are:
  • The booking is a one off event finishing in the evening.
  • The booking is for a celebration of some kind.
  • The booking involves the consumption of food or alcohol.

Booking Contact Details

The current bookings secretary is Simon Watson
Email (preferred contact method):
Telephone: 07532029847 (this is an answerphone only, messages are picked up every few days)
Postal Address:
19 Grenville Drive
Newcastle Upon Tyne