Booking Terms And Conditions

Conditions of Hire

We have updated our terms and conditions in light of COVID-19. Alongside our published risk assessment, adhereing to our new terms and conditions will help make the centre COVID-secure.

Our full terms and conditions can be downloaded here.

  • Please leave the venue in the condition you would expect to find it. You are responsible for your tidying up.
  • The entire building is No Smoking.
  • No naked flames with the exception of a small numbers of candles of the type typically used on a birthday cake.
  • Payment is in advance.
  • A deposit of £150 may be required, see below.


Deposits only apply to ad-hoc bookings. We’re not currently taking ad-hoc bookings, but this information is left for information purposes.

On a small number of occasions, the community centre has been left in such a poor state after events that the use of the centre the following day has been affected and extra cleaning costs have been incurred. In order to try and prevent this from happening and mitigating when it does, the committee has decided to start taking a refundable deposit under certain conditions. They are:
  • The booking is a one off event finishing in the evening.
  • The booking is for a celebration of some kind.
  • The booking involves the consumption of food or alcohol.