Booking FAQ

When will I be able to make a new booking?

At the moment, we are working out how to reopen the centre for out existing regular user base. We want to be able to support reopning as fully as possible, but we plan on taking a very cautious approach.

How much will my booking cost?

We charge by the hour and the hourly rate depends on the time of day. Take a look at the Prices for Ad Hoc Bookings or Prices for Regular Bookings pages as appropriate.

How do I pay?

We accept cash and cheques at the moment. Electronic payments add a lot of overhead for us currently as payment reconciliation is manual.

When do I pay?

For ad hoc bookings, we ask that you pay in advance. For regular bookings, quarterly in advance.

Where do I send the money?

When you receive your invoice it has a payment address on it, please send the payment there. Do not leave payment at the centre. The centre is unmanned and it could easily go missing.

How to I get into the centre for my event?

Access instructions will be provided along with your invoice. You do not need to collect a key beforehand.

Where is this invoice?

We send invoices out about a month in advance. We don’t send them straight away as we get many cancellations and changes to bookings and sending the invoice out only a month in advance results in fewer alterations to sent invoices.

What furniture is available in the centre?

Have a look at the Facilities page.

Do you have a kitchen that I can use?

There is the main kitchen, which is accessible from the hall only. Only by booking the hall do you get access to the kitchen.

When is the centre open?

Although the centre isn’t manned, we do have time limits. Events cannot start before 8am and must be finished by 11pm.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We don’t ask for deposits to secure a booking, but we do require a £150 security deposit if holding a one off evening event.

How do I cancel a booking?

Email us before the booked date and tell us, that’s it.

Do you still charge if I cancel?

Only if you don’t tell us in advance.

Can I have a special one off price for my really good cause?

We don’t offer negotiation on price, ever. As well as the excess work this puts on our volunteers, it could leave us open to accusations of discrimination.