Booking a Single Event

Follow the steps below to book a room at the centre. We don’t currently support either direct online booking, or online payments, but we hope to add these features in the near future.

Please make sure to read the Booking Terms And Conditions page. Most of your questions will be answered by the Booking FAQ page.

1. Check Availability

Use the links below to check for availability on the day you want to book. These links show a live view of our current calendar and are completely up to date. There must be a half hour gap at the start and end of your booking, we don’t allow bookings back-to-back.

Hall Calendar
Club Room Calendar
Committee Room Calendar
Whole Building Calendar

2. Request Booking

Request the booking by emailing (currently Simon Watson) with the room you’d like to book and the time. If it’s available it will be added to the calendar and you’ll get a confirmation email. Please don’t ask us to check the calendar for you, the above calendars are live and up to date.

3. Await Invoice

Your invoice will be emailed to you about a month before your booking. The invoice will have the following details.

  • How much to pay and how to pay it.
  • How to access the centre on the day of your booking.
  • Whether or not you need to pay a security deposit (any evening ad hoc booking will require this)

4. Pay

Follow the instructions on your invoice when paying. Please remember that we ask you to pay in advance. DO NOT leave payment at the centre as the centre is unmanned and things can go missing.

5. Enjoy Your Event

On the day of your event, follow the instructions on your invoice email to access the centre. You mustn’t enter the centre until 15 minutes before your paid start time and you must leave the centre by 15 minutes after the end of your paid time.